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Amazing things can happen when you combine innovative industry techniques with agronomy, crop science and agricultural engineering expertise. In addition to generations of experience growing the best tobacco on the planet, most of UTC’s growers have undergraduate and advanced degrees from leading universities around the country.

So, in addition to keeping our hands a little dirty harvesting our own land, we remain an academically diverse group that is commercially sophisticated to the needs of the tobacco industry. That all adds up to an approach that provides customers with the best leaf at the best possible price. Our principles are tried and tested, but we remain flexible to new advances in the industry.

We continually build new relationships, while solidifying and expanding old ones. Our family of growers can deliver consistency and reliability year after year. That’s the UTC approach.

We’ve had the same people working with us for years. We take care of our growers; our growers know what they’re doing; we can be flexible with our customer’s requirements because of that strong family bond we have with our growers. UTC can customize our client’s special needs whether it’s a pesticide requirement or a curing technique. We can do that because of our tight-knit relationships with our growers.

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