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The proof of our knowledge can be seen in our unifying generations of great leaf!

The United Tobacco Company is made up of a talented group of families who have one thing on their mind: Family! And it just so happens that the common extension of that family is a focus on producing some of the world’s finest tobacco leaf. Formed in 1997, UTC has been proudly growing superior leaf throughout our home state of North Carolina. From the very land we own to the advanced agricultural techniques we utilize, every member of the UTC team knows that the only way we can continue to succeed is by making sure that our customers succeed.

Collectively, the UTC family owns over 12,000 acres of land and grows some 18 million pounds of tobacco annually throughout North Carolina. And by utilizing the most efficient direct-buying marketing systems, we ensure that our leaf is competitive in the industry while allowing small, medium and large manufacturers to reap the benefits of our exceptional flue cured and burley product. The UTC family consists of 12 families of owner-growers, most of who have known each other for decades; many of us have grown up together and have lifelong friendships. It’s only natural that our family history has made us United in our mission to grow quality leaf and service the manufacturers who rely on us. In fact, our name—United Tobacco Company—reflects that simple principle: Unity.

By maintaining strong alliances with our customers and tending to the best soil and climate on earth, we’re able to offer tobacco leaf that is distinguished globally…and it’s all leaf that grows right in our backyard. Quite simply, our team represents the highest quality tobacco growers in North Carolina…and the world.

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