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When it’s all said and done, the reason we have the most reliable leaf around is because we have Mother Nature on our side.

Quality is paramount in UTC’s commitment to delivering value for our customers by understanding their leaf needs and solving their problems. We want our customers throughout the world to feel assured that our tobacco will meet their diverse quality requirements. Through continual investment in quality, we are constantly improving our leaf, services and processes.



By using our company-wide quality management system and methodology, and by implementing necessary, customer-specific changes, we maintain the highest quality in the industry. We embrace quality. And because our partners own the best tobacco-producing land in the world we are committed to customer service and meeting the demands of the world’s manufacturers.

There are many levels of commitment to assure reliable leaf in the tobacco industry. At UTC our owner/growers focus on four pillars necessary for reliability: strategic production and growing techniques; innovative investment in the future of the industry; reduced chemical and residue practices; and, with generations of know-how under our belts, tending to our family farms.

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