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Great flavor and uniformity of grade year after year: that's what's in our leaf!

Not all leaf is created equal…some leaf is simply destined for greatness. We have the unfair advantage in that area because the climate and soil in North Carolina is renowned as the best place in the world for flue cured tobacco production.

In such a large industry with many multinational producers competing, we know that our company adds that little something extra, providing specialized service and premiere quality leaf to manufacturers everywhere.


And because there is a consistent worldwide demand for flue cured and burley tobaccos, we are committed to producing and sustaining those crop needs.

What’s our secret ingredient? We’re nimble and efficient! We continually strive to achieve personal service excellence. And there is no bureaucracy at UTC. As a matter of fact, we don’t even use an expensive sales force to sell our tobacco. Our owners go to the ends of the world themselves to talk with customers.



UTC leaf comes out of our land, into our hands, through our home and across the globe to you. Our experienced management team is dedicated to providing unmatched personal service to our customers. Decades of experience throughout our organization with expertise in leaf buying, receiving services, processing, shipping and finance all add up to a complete service team. We’re not shy in saying that we’ve been told that we have one of the most efficient teams in the business.

Sure, we have a well-rounded base of knowledge in the science behind growing tobacco; and yes, we do utilize 

high-tech facilities to ensure consistently reliable leaf is reaped throughout the entire growing process. And we are actively engaged in inventive ways to market our product at a fair price. In short, we have raised the benchmark by which reliability is determined. And we are well prepared for helping you succeed in the many branches within the tobacco business.

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